Response 10

“Do Artifcats Have Politics?”-Langdon Winner

“The roots of unavoidable authoritarianism are, he argues, deeply implanted in the human involvement with science and technology. “If man, by dint of his knowledge and inventive genius, has subdued the forces of nature, the latter avenge themselves upon him by subjecting him, insofar as he employs them, to a veritable despotism independent of all social organization.”-Page 129

This particular passage of the essay stood out to me the mos because it is discussing an idea of a authoritarian political system, much like dictorship or monarchy. However, while reading this oassage i also felt a small connection between he artcile, “The End of Captialism Has Begun,” because throughout the piece Mason is reaching out to the readers, trying to draw awareness to our current corrupt politcal system and economy. Mason describes a particular relationship between people, technology, the way that infromation is shared, and a sense of decaying influence for the market system. i think that the idea that winner is putting forth about authoritarianism within the involvment of scien technology is almost like a counter repsonse to the system that Mason is describing his piece. Mason explains that post capialism will be the influence of everday people which will decay the result of power and authority while, Winner is discussing how the relationship and involvement that every day peole have with sicence and technology will continue to influence a unavoidable sense of authority and power over society’s knowledge, concept, and organization. Therefore, I found this fairly interesting because it was almost as if these two pieces are interwined in the idea of science and technology but also very different because they were arguing against different ideas.

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  1. Abigale says:

    Very detailed explanation. It surely is interesting that these two pieces are basically arguing the same thing, but using different targets. Winner talks about technology and its “symptoms” on society, whereas Mason talks about corporations and capitalism (the ideology). Nice job, Briana!

  2. I agree that “Do Artifacts Have Politics?” and “The End of Capitalism Has Begun” discusses similar ideas. There is always someone who wants to be an authoritative figure among those around them, but its how they use their power that determines how everyone is going to be treated.

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