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Digital technology is important in my life. My work explains my different experiences I have with technology as a kid and now. Throughout the years I have discovered why technology is important. I have compared my writing to a movie I watched in class. I have compared my thoughts on the story Technopoly I read in class. I discuss how music played a role in my life. My work has writings on how my parents feels towards technology.

My Thoughts on Language and Technology

When I was a kid I remember writing in elementary school. I remember the handouts the teacher would give me to practice my writing. My memories using crayons would be in art class. I would always try to draw in the picture that the coloring had. When I write I would try to write inside of the lines of the paper. Before I learned to read and write I would always watch television. When I would see kids on television going to school I would tell my mom I want to go to school. I would ask my mom what do kids do in school.

I feel the people that are primarily oral would be the pastors at my church. They have good speech and communicate very well. I don’t see them write from a paper to speak in front of everyone. They don’t write books to get their message across they just come to church all the time and express their thoughts. There oral language consisted of positive words and things from there life experiences.

The reason we have speech is to be able to communicate. Having good speech can get you far in life. You can get a good job helping people like a speech pathologist or you can be a business professional giving speeches about real estate and finance. I feel learning how to write can make someone able to stand up a say a good speech . Speaking clear is part of having good speech. Using the write vocabulary can help with writing and your speech. Reading can help improve writing and speech because you would have so much knowledge to write about and also talk about.

Learning to read and write is important especially when you want to get a high education. I learned to read and write as a kid in school with many other people that were willing to learn. When the teacher would give me things to read I would go home and make my mom help me with my homework. My mom would make me read for thirty minutes a day and the words I don’t understand I would write down to later look them up in the dictionary. When I learn to write was in elementary school. Once I started writing I would keep a journal and diary. For my own purpose I would read in the summer when there were no school. I would go to the library and get picture books as a kid. My mom’s attitude towards literacy would be positive. She helped me learn to read and write. She woke me up every morning to go to school. She even paid for a tutor for me to be able to excel.

Reading in school was very different from reading at home because in school everyone had turns reading parts of a textbook, article or your homework. At home you read all the textbook reading the teacher gives on your own. At home reading can be hard because the people in your house is very loud or because the television is on and your more into what’s on the screen then in the book. I never really read a book with a friend I’m usually reading on my own also I don’t think I’m into what my friends read.

The early technological devices that I remember would be beepers. That how most people were able to stay in touch. Also cassette tapes were an early technological device that you can listen to music or transfer music from the radio on. Another way that technological device was used was by your therapist who would give you a cassette to listen to words of encouragement to relax you. The cassette tape was very popular and you can even record stories. Having great speech was important the time cassette tapes were popular because that’s how stories were passed along.

I feel the role of television when I was a kid was to watch when I was I was finish my homework. It was a great way to learn especially from the kids channels like Barney and Elmo’s world. It was also great for when there were rainy days I would stay home and laugh by watching comedy channels or shows. The way television played an important part of my life would be that it helped me see what was happening all around the world. Some channels that helped me to see what was happening all around the world was the news channels and discovery channel. As a kid I mostly watched cooking shows to see what different nationalities eat. Watching cooking shows gave me ideas for my own cooking.

Music played an important role in my childhood because be I got to hear my mother’s favorite music as a kid. I also get to hear different music in different languages and learn new words. I would watch music videos and saw the latest technology like telephones and mp3 players or headphones. When mp3 players came out I feel change the ways we listen to music. The oldest technology to listen to music was from a boom box. The boom box would be very loud and every one in your building can hear your music. I like the headphones that when your listen to music on your mp3 no one can hear what you are listening to I think its called noise cancellation headphones.

I started using digital technology when I bought my nook. I started downloading digital books. Also when I got my phone I stop using an analog watch to tell time. And the popular gadgets growing up was the watches that showed the numbers instead of with the arrows to tell the time. I was exposed to those types of watches by my grandma because that’s what she would give me and my siblings for Christmas. I was manipulated by digital technologies like the television because it was on in my house all the time. Other people influence me because all I hear or see on Youtube is the Macbook and how great it is and it made me want to get one. Getting into a writing program made me want to get the best gadget to do my homework on.

Some technologies I can’t stand would be the hover board because it’s always getting on fire when you charge it over night and it’s also illegal. I don’t like no illegal technology. I do like the sewing machines that can monogram your name. My grandma uses one and I like when she monograms my pillow cases. When watching the The Corporation they were talking about the different countries with factory workers I don’t think they have those types of those machines because does companies don’t spend money on their workers. I don’t think does companies paying low wages would invest in nice machines. I also like the cable box I feel that’s a great technology because when televisions were first invented there weren’t many channels. Now you have over one hundred channels with a cable box.

The most important technology that is going to be used in the future would be the computer. It’s important for students to know how to use the computer because most assignment the teachers give you need to do on the computer. In the reading “Technopoly” the author writes “there is no disputing that the computer has increased the power of large-scale organization like armed forces, or airline companies or banks or tax-collecting agencies.” This means knowing how to use the computer can help you with your career or help you with your business.

The relationship between writing and digital technology would be that your writing can be publish on the web. It can be sold on digital devices like the Kindle or Nook. Digital technology made it easy for self publishing. Writing and getting your thoughts on paper can be no easy task. Coming up with new technology can be no easy task and takes a lot of research. Writing can get someone in a lot of trouble like if you wrote the wrong thing on your social media page. On social media I don’t write anything I just post pictures and like other people’s pages or pictures. I don’t write anything on social media because I don’t want to offend anyone or get into trouble for gossiping and stating false information. I never seen it happen to anyone I know but I know you can get in trouble from what you write on social media.

My experience with language and technology is different from someone else. Some people can relate to my experiences and some people can’t relate. Everybody have their unique story about language and technology. Some people are into new technology and so people are just old fashioned and aren’t in new technology. I like to learn about technology and new gadgets.

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