Response 2

In chapter 2 “From Tools to Technocracy” Postman speaks about the science of cultures on their relation on technology, in other words connecting technological conditions to symbolic life. In this chapter Postman explains the timeline on technology has changed over time. In the 16th century tools were hands and eyes , then next came Technocracy which was dealing with machinery and mechanism, and last but not the least was technopoly, which was electronic automation. Something Postman said in his chapter that helped me understand this complete chapter was ” The name “tool- using culture” derives from the relationship in a given culture betweens tools and the belief system or ideology. The tools are not intruders.” In that particular culture “tool-using culture” were used for a specific reasons for instance solving a particular issue or to serve symbolic world arts such as science, math,religion, and rituals. This also meant meant that culture actually formed tools.

Although i had to reread this chapter, i ended enjoying reading the chapter. This chapter tell the history line of how technology have involved over time. What i found interesting in this chapter was the way postman explain how technology change through a timeline. Postman related back to Thamus in this chapter to make his point clear on technology.

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