Response #12

Dominguez- Electronic Disturbance 

Dominguez had severa strategies for civil disobedience, many being electronic. The one to me that was the most organized with the least resources was phone jamming. They would call every hour on the hour to a company and complain about the lack of something in the store, threaten to stop shopping there if it did not appear. Once it had appeared (if it did) they would then call and complain about the placement of the item in the store. They would organize these phone jamming sessions to tie up the line from actual consumers, in turn “jamming” the phone line. This is a great example of planning because it took such minimal resources to do yet was ,when it first began, an effective method.

Alonzo’s – Art as Resistance




The art of resistance is about the uprising of the people in Egypt and their fight to reclaim the rights of the people. The image to the left as well as many others represent one overall message. It is the people who will win the revolution. Tahrir square, Muhammad Mahmoud street is the canvas for the revolution. Multiple times the SCAF (government) has removed, painted over and even blocked access to the street but each time the artists have prevailed and new murals have emerged representing the struggles and injustice the people face.




Raley’s – Borderhacks



Boarder hacks addresses immigration and the policies that surround it. Many people flee their home countries because of civil war, gang violence or lack of opportunity there. Though not all countries they flee to are accepting of them. Often times people are not “free trade” as goods often are and people are denied asylum and deported from “safe havens” back into the lives they tried to flee.  The stories of all these people across the world fleeing one life in search of another are different in language and geography but the same in struggle. Here in the united states illegal entry is almost always the only option because applying through the given channels lead to dead ends. Yet we seek to remove these people from our home land but rarely do we ever seek to remove their goods. Food imported from these places. goods, services are all welcomed openly but not the human people in the flesh who facilitate those things being possible.


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