UPDATED–Response 5 Due 9/28 and Exploring Social Justice–Essay Due 10/5

Response 5

This response is going to be light because you’re also working on the paper, but it’s crucial that we read and think about these two pieces coming up on Monday.

To this end, I want you to pick an interesting passage from Mumford and quote it. Then respond to it in three ways.

Literally–what is the passage literally saying?

Intellectually–what does the passage make you think about?

Emotionally–what does the passage make you feel? Why?

Then, repeat the same process for Castells.


Exploratory Project

As we discussed in class, your job is to explore three different social justice issues that you are interested for this paper. For each issue you explore, you are required to have two sources. One of the sources can be journalistic, but for the other one I’d like you to try to find an expert paper using the library databases on your topic. Try JSTOR, ProjectMuse, Ebsco, etc. Find the kind of thing that shows up in an academic journal, similar to the Nail piece.
Make sure that you follow formatting, quoting, and citation conventions according to MLA guidelines.

1. Write the intro after you write the body. In the intro, introduce the three topics and tell us why you were drawn to them.

2. For each of your topics, discuss the different sources you found. Tell us what each source is about, what their claims are, what you learned from them, and what your opinion is concerning them.

3. After you present your research, evaluate which you think will be the most productive to explore more fully and why. Remember, we’re going to take one of these and turn them into Issue Papers that you develop. Make sure to weigh the positive and negative aspects of each before you make a decision and that you explain to us what these positives and negatives are.

4. After you have written about both topics, write a conclusion where you discuss which one you are most drawn to and why. Go ahead and make a decision and explain to us which one you are going to pursue.

5. Include a Works Cited page. The Works Cited should

• be formatted correctly in MLA.
• Include the six sources you discussed in the assignment
• If you need help with what MLA looks like, visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab
• Feel free to use Easybib to format your bib. But make sure you put in all the relevant info.

6. Monday before class, post your assignment as an attachment. In the blog post, please write (mandatory) an explanation of the process that you went through. Make sure to include here the three issues you chose to discuss, the sources you drew from, the biggest challenges you had, and what you would have done differently if you were to complete the same project again.

When you come to class on Wednesday, the 30th, be prepared to discuss your project in detail. You should have already gotten a bit of writing done, so bring what you have and be ready to discuss.

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