Response 3

In “From Technocracy to Technopoly” Postman describes the differences as he views them between the 2 eras. He sees Technopoly being an almost full on overtaking by machines and technology. Before in a Technocracy, the inventions and technology built were made to advance human efforts. While they definitely made many of the older traditions of human society outdated, their purpose was still to keep us humans moving forward and thinking in different ways. In a Technopoly however the inventions made are meant to do all of the heavy lifting and more importantly, the heavy thinking for us. In an effort to make everything more streamlined and cost/profit efficient, we as humans are almost becoming obsolete. Postman believes that us humans, who created these machines, are slowly becoming less valuable than them.

“The Thin Blue Line is a Burning Fuse” talks about the abuse of police power that is becoming more common place and more publicly known today. We see numerous examples of police incompetency causing major issues not only in our nation but throughout the world as well. The article speaks about the police forces wish to seem like an almost invincible force while still maintaining their view by the public as legitimate. They seem to want to be an all encompassing force throughout the world no matter which department we speak of. It seems to share a connection with Postman’s view on Technopoly. The police seem to want to have a sort of takeover in the world. They want to change the way people think and act and at the same time continually gain more and more power just as the top corporations and technology have. In both scenarios it seems as if we are in the later stages of an attempted overtaking and we’re only just realizing now.

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