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“Given the facts, we must conclude that tool-using cultures are not necessarily impoverished technologically, and may even be surprisingly sophisticated. Of course, some tool-using cultures were (and still are) technologically primitive, and some have even displayed a contempt for crafts and machinery. The Golden Age of Greece, for example, produced no important technical inventions and could not even devise ways of using horsepower efficiently. Both Plato and Aristotle scorned the “base mechanic arts,” probably in the belief that nobility of mind was not enhanced by efforts to increase efficiency or productivity. Efficiency and productivity were problems for slaves, not philosophers.” (Postman 25)


1. In this passage I believe Postman is trying to say that even though by definition, tool-using cultures are seen as much more primitive than the more technologically advanced cultures, that some can still be very advanced in their own way. However, he does not want to make it seem like this is true for in all cases. He brings up Greece to show that, yes, some of those civilizations were very behind such and actually even had a disdain towards newer inventions. He wants to show that not even though those stereotypes aren’t all encompassing, that even revered cultures such as Greece in their Golden Age, could be behind.

2. This passage makes me think about how a culture such as Greece in such a time of prosperity, were so behind technologically. In my mind many of the great civilizations of the past left a technological mark on the world. But in seeing that a culture that positively seen  had left behind no significant technical inventions is astounding. It also makes me think that maybe the tool-using cultures were not as disadvantageous as I previously believed.

3. This passage makes me feel as if maybe my thoughts that technology is extremely necessary in this world could be a little off. Knowing that a civilization such as Greece was so technically behind, makes me see that an incredible nation can be formed even if they don’t completely advance the world with technology, you can advance the world with ideas and such.

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