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Part 1

Hello everyone! My name is Marissa Ramnath and I am 21 years old. I am from Trinidad and I have been living in Brooklyn since I was 4 years old. I am honestly in this major to take a few pre requisites for nursing. In the near future, I want to be a Registered Nurse and after, I hope to be a Nurse Practitioner. I had a set back in my career that led me back to City Tech, but the most important thing is, I am not giving up on my goals. No one is perfect. This course is very new to me since all I have been dealing with is medications, the human body and patient care. I am looking forward to see what this course have to offer.

Part 2

Technology has changed drastically since I was born. I remember in elementary/ middle school I was still playing with glue and Barbie dolls and the only way I spoke to my friends is by calling their house phone or waiting to see them in school. Nowadays almost every elementary/junior high school student has a cell phone and a Facebook account. When I had a MySpace account in junior high, it was a bad thing according to my family to have your picture on the Internet, but now every family member I know has a Facebook account. I believe we have technology maybe 100 years in advance and its only time, the government is waiting for, to bring out modern technology. Technology is a big distraction and it causes majority of the population to loose focus on what’s going on in the world, which is what the government wants, but lets not get into that. I hardly watch tv but I use my iPhone for everything. Technology has changed the way people talk and write. When I am with my family, I talk “Trini”, so called broken english. When I am speaking to other professionals I talk proper. When I text, I use a lot of shortcuts and I have caught myself a few time while writing papers doing the same thing.

Part 3

Man the Finder, Lewis Mumford
“But in giving first place to “finding” over “making”, to collecting over hunting,… all this was his salvation”

Literally: This passage means to me, in earlier life, there weren’t any convenient stores for man to get food or survive. This was the way God put us on earth to live with and by nature. The people survived by exploring the land and with time they gained knowledge on how to survive the changing conditions.

Intellectually: It makes me think about how inquisitive men were before compared to now. We were supposed to be human beings that are in tune with nature and because of advanced technology, situations have changed.

Emotionally: This passage makes me feel thankful for advance technology, which makes life a little easier. Also it makes me think about Agartha, and the “pure human beings” that live down in the middle of the earth where materialistic things are nowhere near there and money does not exist. The human beings live in peace with nature surrounded around them in perfect seventy-five degree weather.

Intro to Phaedrus

“Socrates advances several objections to writing. The first occurs in the Thamus myth: writing will cause forgetfulness in the learners soul, he will cease to use his memory. Other objections are that the written word is not more intelligible …an amusement or an aide-memoire against the forgetfulness of old age. Pg. XV

Literally: I believe the author is saying sometimes writing doesn’t have a clear meaning. People can interpret writing in different ways and that’s not the true meaning of knowledge. Also by writing, the author is saying you do not exercise your brain, more specific memory.

Intellectually: It makes me wonder how as writing advanced people were able to gain knowledge through their own interpretation. Also since people use writing frequently to communicate, their using less of their brains to think.

Emotionally: I agree with Socrates to an extent about writing will cause forgetfulness in the learners soul. I also agree if you write something, people may not interpret your writing the same way you did.



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  1. Interesting what you say about why you’re taking this course. Solid responses to the readings.

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