I would have to say that so far this is the best story I have read about in this class. That is because it’s orobably the one I understand and can interpret the most.  I say this because just like Sonny, music is my getaway. It helps me forget all the things I’m going through or have been going through. At times people criticize me for singing or wanting to sing  and it makes me very uncomfortable, even pushes me away from it. That is what makes me connect to Sonny in the story. I feel like the story portrayed Sonny as the lost one. The one that needed saving but in the end I came to the realization that it was his brother that needed saving. Sonny knew that he needed in order to get better, he knew his problem, he had accepted his fears but his brother, on the contrary did not. His brother thought his whole life was put together because he was able to escape the community. I kept asking myself, did he really escape that community though? The fear of the effects of the community was still in him, the hurt of not being there for his brother was still a burden on him. That conflict is was interested me in this text. When you first read the story you would thing everything is about getting Sonny in the right mindset, fixing his life, and all that but I think on a deeper level of understanding, the narrator was the one who needed fixing.