I would have to say that throughout the passage the narrator did seem a bit crazy but as I went on I began to get a better understanding of what she was feeling. When we had the dis us sign in class, we came to an understanding that she expressed, in many ways, how she felt trapped by her husband, brother, and doctor. This intrigued me the most because it brought me to my own self and the things I deal with in my culture. Even through the narrator was trapped by her sickness, I can connect with her because I believe I am trapped by the traditional practices in my culture. For instance, it seems as if the male figures in the text were the ones dictating and deciding what was best for her and she had no say because of whatever was going on with her. In my tradition, when men speak or tell you to do something it is only proper for a woman to obey everything they say, even when we don’t agree. At times it could be frustrating, like how this narrator felt but deep within ourselves we obtain an understanding that we can’t do anything about things like that.