Sandkings was by far the most bizarre and violent horror story we’ve read in class.  On the surface it was about Kress and his poor treatment of his pets (which lead to his incredibly gorey end).  To me it was about the abuse of power and how you shouldn’t use those you control for only your selfish needs.  Similar to how Kress was abusing/starving his sandkings for his enjoyment and forcing them to go to war for his self-serving needs, politicians should also stop taking advantage of the lower income families, immigrants, and the elderly.  Like the sandkings we cluster into our castles and attack those who do not look/think/act like ourselves.  We attack each other for resources, food, money, jobs, homes, etc. but we never go after the “Kress”.  If anything, this story shows that we have the power, if we work together toward a common enemy, to stop the abuse of power. We are not pets, after all.