The story of the Sandking was chilling and grew more and more horrific with the passing of the pages. Kress is a demonic character that enjoyed seeing life suffer and fight against each other. He seems to have a mental condition like a serial killer that enjoys the thrill from people being tortured and killed. Kress started small. He started with a few piranhas in a tank and a hawk. The story spoke about how much Kress would be delighted when he had starved the piranhas and they would end up eating each other. When he brought the Sandkings, he did the same thing to them. For his selfish satisfaction, he caused war upon the Sandkings.

One of the morals that this story shows is the gradual worsening and barring of a person’s conscience. Once somebody does something wrong, it seems that it gets easier and easier to do worse. Instead of trying to come to a halt when  a person realizes that they have made a mistake, when ones try to cover for their mistakes, things start to get out of control. This is exactly what happened to Kress when he tried to hide the killing of Cath.

Another side of the story seems to be a ruler or god against the ones being ruled. When the Sandkings had Jala as their “god” they lived a relatively peaceful life and only waged war against each other when it was necessary. She did not hold back good or the necessary food and climate control for the Sandkings. However, when their ruler changed to Kress, even the face and their idea they had painted of him grew to show the man that they were worshipping. The Sandkings, as ones being ruled and reliant on Kress for the basic necessities knew him as a cruel, violent and evil ruler. In a way we see how people change and how their lifestyles are affected by the ruler of their country. For example, with the situation occurring in Venezuela, the people are suffering and cannot get food because of the corruption present in the government.