The Sandkings story was creepy, and horrifying. I got the chills while I was reading it. There was nothing in this story that I enjoyed. From the very beginning of the story I noticed that the main character Simon Kress was a sick and demented piece of crap.  His strange need for lifeforms was disgusting. The whole story got on my nerves. He didin’t listen to any of Jala Wos instructions when handling the Sandkings. His total disregard for them was unbelievable. He is a sadist who gets off on the injuring of animals and things smaller than himself. I hated this character so much I didn’t even want to read any further.

However, I continued on.  The sick war game parties, the puppy, his anger and madness at the Sandkings when they created a twisted version of his face all indicated that this man was a psycho. He was so busy trying to be in control that he didn’t even realize how out of control he really was.

The dismememberment of Cath was tormenting to read. The only satisfaction I got from this story was seeing him get what he deserved. The ending was also disturbing. The little orange ones all having his face was too much for me.

I guess George R.R. Martin achieved his goal in writing this creepy tale, I was very scared and nervous by my reading of it.   As much as I wanted to stop reading it was as much as I wanted to continue to see what happens next. That’s what good writing is all about, taking the reader on a journey.