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Assignment 7B

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), is a law that can grant you access to federal agency records that are normally protected from the public. The Archive a non-governmental research institute and library located at the George Washington University, administers FOIA records. Basically the George Washington University contains government records on wide ranges of categories. According to The National Security Archive, “The Archive also serves as a repository of government records…pertaining to the national security, foreign, intelligence, and economic policies of the United States” (National Security Archive, p. 1). The Freedom of Information Act is a tool that is given to help researchers or journalists, find out real government information. These federal documents are declassified. The Archive members track federal agencies, which means they track what the government puts out or hasn’t been released. I believe the FOIA does benefit citizens, because tracking the governments documents can help the public understand what’s really going on. For example by Archive members tracking government records unreleased, the public could be exposed to possible future dilemmas. They could take notice of these dilemmas and maybe prevent them. Having government insight could benefit them. In addition to this, information could extend to citizens in other countries by creating institutions.

Assignment 7B

The Freedom of Information Act or the FOIA was developed and effect since 1966, What the FOIA does is it provides the public the right to request access to records from any federal agency.  It provides the public with information about their government. Citizens, foreign nationals, as well as university students have access to request declassified documents, records, court papers, etc.

The American agency that Administers the work proposed in the FOIA are the Archives. The Archives are responsible to collect and publish declassified documents obtained through the FOIA. The Archive staff track U.S Governemnt agencies and federal records for documents that have never been released before to the public.

The FOIA is beneficial to the public some what. The public are able to benefit through access of documents and information that sometimes are hidden or kept away from the public eye. I say some what because the FOIA is not entirely out there with no limitations.  The FOIA has exemptions such as, protecting personal privacy, national security, law enforcement and others. It may just be my opinion, but I strongly argue that there is so much out there that the government does not want the public to know, and the information that are free to us is just sugarcoated to protect the government.

Assignment #7B

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law allows federal records to be disclosed. These records could either have never been released before or, they could help better see decision made by the U.S. government. The American agency that administers the work proposed in FOIA is the Archive. The Archive hold a wide range of topic dealing with the national security, foreign intelligence, and economic policies of the Untied States. The Archive does not seek U.S. government funding, which allows them to not be influenced by the government. The FOIA does benefit  citizen because it helps and allows the citizens to know the truth. Helping citizens to better understand and be well informed on topics that deal with their government. Information on the government is important, which is why the Archive is extending it’s research to countries outside of the U.S. With the information the Archive has provided, citizens can view the history of their government. Knowing the history helps us see why certain actions were taken and will better inform us of future ones.