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Summary- “From papyrus to pixels; The future of the book”

In the article “From papyrus to pixels; The future of the book”, The Economist gives input on how books have changed to electronic assets readers can now use. Books have now been made on e-books, kindles, nooks, etc. The Economist believes that electronic books have not destroyed reading, but have instead expanded reading. For instance, books have evolved in the form of becoming more convenient for some people. E-books allow readers to pick up books within their touch, by simply tapping and purchasing them. Therefore it is possible to not have to physically go to a store or library, searching for a book one may desire. I find the idea of electronic books to be helpful, arranging a quicker way to get what you want in the world of reading. Lastly, The Economist states that books as a whole, “are a technology in their own right, one developed and used for the refinement and advancement of thought.” By saying this it is concluded that books have developed naturally, technology has always existed and will continue to advance.

Question: If generally books are a technology, why should a certain type of book be condemned by society?