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Assignment 10B

The Future of Literature: by Randy Malamud

This blog that I read is an example of an “imagined future”. ItĀ focuses on the prediction of what Literature will become in the next few years. He claims that books will be gone in a decade. The genre of literature will become more advanced. SomeĀ genres that he suggested was “hypertext fiction, kinetic poetry, and chronomosaic novels”. He then goes on to explain how media resources will replace commonplace books, manuscripts, and bookstores. Something he said that IĀ foundĀ interestingĀ is that one day “the digital compression will allow us to read the worlds longest novel on the world’s smallest reading device”. I think his prediction are head on so far because this is so because it’s already happening. People are already reading books on there tablets and phones. I think soon enough there will be no restrictions, all access to every reading material on any device.

Assignment 9B

Based on Vaidhyanathan argument that we trust google with our personal information and preferences I believe this is true. When it comes to society we as societyĀ trust everything about technology. We don’t take into consideration that the fact it is very dangerous to put your personal information into the computer. Situations like this can lead to identity theft. We don’t think about things like this, we are just looking for the easiest and simplest way to get to the site we need. When you type in your name on a site abd the rest of your personal information pops up like your date of birth, address, or telephone number you should automatically be alarmed. You should be wondering why the computer saved this and who else is able to access it. Instead we think great the information is there already don’t have to waste time typing it in. I use google for everything but I have to admit it alarms me when I see my personal information come up in the computer without me typing it in. I rather type in my own informationĀ so I know that my information is private non accessible and not saved.

Assignment 8B

Meszaro’s article is based on the questioning of authority. Meszaro discusses the different types of authority you deal with whether its regular people or authority figures such as in school librarians, teachers, and other faculty members. She mentions when in school you are basically listening to administrative authority. The only reason you listen to this authority is because each faculty member plays a part in your education and has a decision in what your grade can potentiallyĀ beĀ by the end of the semester. She then goes onto discuss people who don’tĀ abide by anyone’s rules because they feel that everyone is equalĀ and there is no such thing is someone having authority over anyone. No one should have the right to tell another person what to do orĀ think that they have more knowledge than another person. The people that think like this I considered to be calledĀ Multipists and people who understand that there is some type of authority figure are called Dualists. In my opinion you do have to question authority. It depends on the person and sometimes even age of the person to decide whether a person has the authority to tell you what to do or to decide if the knowledge that they’re giving youĀ seems valid.

Assignment 7B

The Freedom of Information Act is an act that serves as an advocate for the archive. It contains declassified documents, presidential paper collections, congressional records, and court testimony. It partners with the archive to “Track United States government agencies and federal records repositories for documents that either have been released before, or that help to shed light on the decision making process of the united states government and provide the historical context underlying those decisions. This benefits citizens because it keeps citizens up-to-date on what’s going onĀ in the world. It informingĀ about things they wouldn’t here in the newspapers or on the TV news.Ā It was stated that “The archive’s mission of guaranteeing the public’s right to know extends to other countries outside the United States.”

Assignment 6B

Martin’s book being available on the web is him trying to prove to you that you can gain knowledge from anywhere. In order to receive knowledge about something you have to first research it. Martin states “Research is the process of testing existing knowledge and developing new knowledge.” Martin discusses in his book the politics of research. When it comes to politics and the government its always about money. In his book he talks about knowledge being overpowered by people in higher ranking, meaning people with more money.

After reading his chapter I see that he demonstrates that scholarship should be liberated. He stated something very interesting ” The belief in “academic Freedom” for scholars to pursue teaching and research provides a convenient way for universities to appear to serve the general interest while still catering for those with more power and money.” We should be able toĀ gain any knowledge/receive any information we need freely.

Assignment 4B

Classification is very important when it comes to researching things. Classification helps with organzing data. The organization can enable “Classification Taxonomy”. When researching you should tag your data to help find the information quickly and efficiently. This is where metadata starts being implemented. Badke discusses the importance of using metadata. Without using metadata it causes your search to have a lot of irrelevant results. This now slows down the process of getting the information you need because you now have to skim and cut down all the unnecessary information you don’t need. Classification is not only helpful for researching but for food, animal, and people. It is important to classify yourself and to determine who you are as a person.





Assignment 3B

I believe that people have the “Right to be Forgotten”. Every individual should be given the right to chose what they would like to share with the public. Anything that an individual did not agree with presenting to the internet and is exposed is a violation of ”rights to privacy”.

In my opinion the “Right to be forgotten” doesn’t clash with our 1st amendment which is “Freedom of Speech” because just as you can say people commenting on your personal life/information such as what bloggers do is ”freedom of speech”, I can also say ”freedom of speech” is expressing myself without it being broadcasted to people I don’t want to share with.

Digital identity is basically the person you are characterized on the internet. You can be characterized anywhere from positive to negative because your identity is not controlled by you but by the viewers, cyberbullies, or bloggers. You identity is based on what they think.

Newman and Seaman


  1. Do you think that bloggers should still suffer the consequences even if they unpublished/removed the story?
  2. Do you believe the authenticity of any story on a blog site?
  3. Do these blog sites consider the person (victim) feelings before posting inaccurate or personal stories about them?


  1. What is the difference between the U.S and European privacy policy?
  2. Was the 2014 lawsuit regarding the credit report agencies resolved? How was the problem solved?
  3. As long as technology (Digital age)Ā continues to accelerate will and information on the internet ever beĀ  really private?

Assignment 2B

Corporate interest effects the way we receive information because it eliminates the authenticity of news stories. According to this article called “Corporate interests and their impact on news coverage” it was said that the newspapers and television stations have not always gave the full story on news stories. It is sometimes altered or certain information is withheld. When it comes to corporate interest it’s a lot about things like politics and good reviews/ratings for news media sites. In order to find the most authentic new stories you most likely have to read independent news sites. An article on that I read talked about the 9/11 attack and about information that has been withheld from the public. “The Daily News” newspaper or CNN news channel have never brought this to our attention. This article “Physicists: Overwhelming evidence all three buildings during 9/11 attack were controlled demolitions” states that “the only logical way that the three towers could have fallen in the manner that they did during the attacks was if they were controlled demolitions. The independent news site continues to give us the unknown information while the newspapers and television stations tend to focus on just corporate interest stories.

Assignment 1B

After reading the articles I realized that I prefer reading the old fashioned way. Although technology has more advanced ways of reading an article or a book I prefer the printed paper. When reading online the screen light seems to tire my eyes out.Ā I also tend to lose concentrationĀ and lose track of the line I was readingĀ . The idea of scrolling up and down instead of turning pages doesn’t maximize my reading ability. The reason why reading an article or book online seems more interesting because you are able to use it on your everyday devices like your ipad, kindle, laptop, and even phone. They even give you the option on how to receive the information, it can be in auditory form. Instead of you reading it out loud or in your head the computer can read it to you. In reading the article “Papyrus to Pixels” I selected the auditory option. I had difficulty retaining the information because the voice was going faster than myĀ mind was able to comprehend. When I read it for myself two times I was able to pay attention and focus on the article. Something that I read in the article that I found very interesting was the fact that a book called “De Offices” which was created in 44BC can be read online today. This just goes to show you how far technology as come and that it is only getting better. I must say thoughĀ that I will be sticking to my paper books until I no longer have the choice.