Assignment 9B

Based on Vaidhyanathan argument that we trust google with our personal information and preferences I believe this is true. When it comes to society we as society trust everything about technology. We don’t take into consideration that the fact it is very dangerous to put your personal information into the computer. Situations like this can lead to identity theft. We don’t think about things like this, we are just looking for the easiest and simplest way to get to the site we need. When you type in your name on a site abd the rest of your personal information pops up like your date of birth, address, or telephone number you should automatically be alarmed. You should be wondering why the computer saved this and who else is able to access it. Instead we think great the information is there already don’t have to waste time typing it in. I use google for everything but I have to admit it alarms me when I see my personal information come up in the computer without me typing it in. I rather type in my own information so I know that my information is private non accessible and not saved.

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