Assignment 8B

Meszaro’s article is based on the questioning of authority. Meszaro discusses the different types of authority you deal with whether its regular people or authority figures such as in school librarians, teachers, and other faculty members. She mentions when in school you are basically listening to administrative authority. The only reason you listen to this authority is because each faculty member plays a part in your education and has a decision in what your grade can potentially be by the end of the semester. She then goes onto discuss people who don’t abide by anyone’s rules because they feel that everyone is equal and there is no such thing is someone having authority over anyone. No one should have the right to tell another person what to do or think that they have more knowledge than another person. The people that think like this I considered to be called Multipists and people who understand that there is some type of authority figure are called Dualists. In my opinion you do have to question authority. It depends on the person and sometimes even age of the person to decide whether a person has the authority to tell you what to do or to decide if the knowledge that they’re giving you seems valid.

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