I believe people have a “right to be forgotten”, a person should be able to remove any information about them. Any information on the web that they consider too personal to be on there, should be taken down. I would like to think we live in a world that is fair and contains justice, but this is not always true. Every bit of information we put out, is memorized and stored by the internet. I do not believe the “right to be forgotten” clashes with our 1st amendment. I say this because the right to privacy in my opinion, does not conflict with free speech. If anything the “right to be forgotten”, would be an example of expressing free speech in the U.S. Since the 1st amendment involves having the right to have your own voice, how should internet privacy be any different? It should not be different at all, freedom to removal of personal data should be permanent. People should be able to consent to whether or not they want information about them open to the world.

Digital identity is a term used to describe an internet profile, or a collection of your personal data that forms an identity on the web. Tracker sites follow all of your personal data, and together they give a clear picture of who you are. A profile based on either a birth date, relationship status, financial status, or interests. These tracker sites basically control your digital identity. Everyday, everyone on the web is under control by tracker sites. Also I believe the government is behind the scenes, watching our every move on the internet.

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