Assignment #3B Right to be forgotten

I believe that people do have a “right to be forgotten”.The right to be forgotten “reflects the claim of an individual to have certain data deleted so that third parties can no longer trace them.” People should have the right to have a choice of what information they want to have shared on the internet. If they want any personal information about them to be removed, then they should have the choice to have that information removed. In many cases there is information about someone posted on the Internet without someone’s consent. This information should be allowed to be removed as well. If you don’t want your information to be all over the web you should have the right to request any personal data to be taken off immediately. I also believe that people have the “right to be forgotten”, because this will protect people’s rights to their privacy. The information exposed to the public might be inaccurate, irrelevant, or excessive. They should have the right to request what information they want to be removed.

I don’t believe that the “right to be forgotten’ clashes with our first amendment of ‘Free Speech”. If a person has the right to voice their own opinion aloud, then they should be able to have the right to remove any information about them that they want deleted, especially if it was done without their knowledge or consent.I also do not believe that the “right to be forgotten” clashes with our 1st amendment Free Speech rights, simply because the consumers are utilizing their 1st amendment rights by speaking up and requesting that certain information not be used against them, which, in turn, can/could cause damage to their (financial) reputation. A person has the right to their privacy. Yes people have to the right say, think, feel whatever it is they want to, however the public should not have information about others who want to keep things private.Saying whatever you want to say about someone can hurt others. If someone gets hate, they would want what they posted to be removed and forgotten.

Digital Identity refers to who we are and how we present ourselves on the internet. On the internet our digital identity is how we can identify ourselves apart from others. Each person has their own digital identity.“Digital identity” represents the information that is permanently out on the internet that essentially “describes” who we are as a person through limited information. The information can easily be either true, false, or partially true. Facebook and other social medias have control of our security and privacy when we use their platform to create a profile.

At times, we control what we put onto the internet, especially when it is dealing with social media- but on the same note, there are times that an individual cannot control what’s put on the internet. Once our identity is put out there many people can control our identity without our knowledge. I also believe that the government can play a big role especially when it comes to the collection of our data and daily lives. If we post certain things that violate the rules of a website, then it will be taken down. Certain things we can not control.

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