Assignment 1B

Both Jabr and Badke, explain the differences between digital books and printed books. In “The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens” by Ferris Jabr, Jabr describes his share of information regarding the evolution of digital books pertaining to generations. Generally youngsters of our generation only know iPhones, iPads, kindles, nooks etc. Whether it is a device for communication or reading, technology has advanced. I find digital reading to be much more convenient when I’m on the train or ferry. Its simple to grasp any reading material through smartphones on apps. As such digital devices have become increasingly popular, it may be notable to wonder if electronics are as helpful as printed paper. I have found holding a printed book may sometimes hurt my hand after awhile. However through digitally, reading is not tedious. Lastly I believe reading through a screen does not affect your memory. In my opinion I can read online lectures, and maintain the information just the same as through a printed physical copy. Jabr is trying to show us how technology has changed digitally through reading, however printed books will not be forgotten.

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