My location

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My walk was approximately ten minutes. I walked down Fulton mall. When you exit the main building of city tech and turn right, walk down Jay Street all the way to Fulton mall. While walking down Jay Street, I smell cigarette smoke from the surrounding passer byers as I do every day. It is also very windy on Jay Street between the Tech place and Willoughby Street, especially that area in front the train station entrance where there are trees, seats and power outlets. Turn left onto Fulton mall on the block where the Duane Reade is and walk all the way down to Bond Street. While walking down Fulton towards Bond Street there are a lot of high school kids in the area and a couple of them were loud for no reason. But there is a variety of stores and you can find anything you need downtown. I turned left on Bond Street and a right onto DeKalb and went into the train station.

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