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This semester for me had its ups and downs. I was a little behind in the beginning and soon caught up, then I fell behind again and was always turning in things late. I liked the projects overall because they were interesting- not dull and boring where you just do research at home, write an essay and turn it in. There was some exploration and adventure for these assignments which I’m glad for because it made it more fun. I think my writing skills have improved in the past 4 months however I could do better with my procrastination level. College is time consuming because of the work but this class made it fun and I was able to do some of the work with my friends outside of school. I think I need to work on my vocabulary words more because I want a wider range of vocabulary and I’ve been slacking with that this semester, mainly focusing on the assignments. Overall the work was fair and our peer mentor was helpful throughout the semester and I can say I will use what I learned in the next semesters I have left here and in real life.

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