Project #2: Reflection

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Upon doing project 2, I didn’t know how I was going to reach the 900 words minimum. The most words I’ve ever wrote for a project or essay in high school was 600. So that was the main thing I was worried about. However, I learned something new about juxtapositions once I actually had to […]

English 1101 Project 2

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New York City aka The Big Apple is one of the most popular cities in the world. The lights, the sights and the foods attract people from all over the world. However it’s not a big deal to people like me, who’ve been living here our whole lives. Time goes on and New York goes […]

My location

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My walk was approximately ten minutes. I walked down Fulton mall. When you exit the main building of city tech and turn right, walk down Jay Street all the way to Fulton mall. While walking down Jay Street, I smell cigarette smoke from the surrounding passer byers as I do every day. It is also […]