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The Commissioner’s Plan of 1811

“Nothing is to be left unmolested which does not coincide with the street commissioner’s plummet and level,” Moore complained, saying the commissioners “are men who would have cut down the seven hills of Rome, on which are erected her triumphant monuments of beauty and magnificence, and have thrown them into the Tyber or the Pomptine marshes.”  said Clement Clarke Moore.

After inherited some land from my parents i certainly won’t accept  the government to take a away from me because the need to create more street , and not even creating street it was like executing somebody ideas and thinking that it will work and forget about the landowners whom would  be affected by this  decision.  but what can I say, the government do as they please . Moor thought it was a conspiracy designed to increase political patronage and appease the city’s working class. well  in fact it was kind of political patronage because Moor was force to pay  taxes for public works such as creating new streets, which he called “a tyranny no monarch in Europe would dare to exercise.  

Despite his protests, Moore eventually began to develop Chelsea, generating high revenues for himself by dividing it into lots along Ninth Avenue and selling them to well-heeled New Yorkers. He donated a large block of land to the Episcopal diocese for construction of a seminary, giving them an apple orchard consisting of 66 tracts.  well in america if you don’t want to work with government you will lose especially when they  want something for you, so i think Mr Moor was really smart and think about all of that to transform his lost into profit.