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Assignment 1


Writing Assignment #1-(Only Type-Written Work will be accepted)

Assigned: February 3, 2017
Due: February 10, 2017

• Pick two different buildings. Draw at least one elevation of each building-this can be a free hand sketch.
• Identify the use of each building: Commercial, residential, or institutional.
• How does it fit with its site? Similar to neighboring buildings or distinctive in its scale, material, or use?
• Describe general appearance of each building:
• Discuss the characteristics of the building:
1. Scale: How many stories?
2. Mass/Weight: How does the first floor differ from the upper stories?
3. How does the roof differ from the rest of the building?
• Describe the arrangement of openings: windows and doors
• Is there is a sense of rhythm? Vertical or horizontal.
• Space: Are there any overhangs or recesses?
• How does the building’s scale relate to the pedestrian on the street?
• Identify the primary material for each building: stone, glass, brick, wood, etc.
• Describe how the material is used in each building.
1. Texture/Color: Is there more than one material?
2. Ornament: How does the material change at openings (windows & doors) or at roof?
3. If there is more than one material, are the other materials used at points of transition between floors or at openings?
4. How does the sun interact with the building? Reflective or absorptive?

• Write a third paragraph in which you compare and contrast the two buildings. What is the major difference between them? What do they have in common?

Please remember to give the location of each building and if possible take a photo to accompany your sketches.