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Assignment 3

Writing Assignment #3-(Only type-written work will be accepted)

Assigned: February 24, 2017
Due: April 1, 2017

• Choose one set of notes you’ve already written in this course.
• Read, edit and expand upon your existing notes and prepare a NEW, complete set of notes to hand in.
• By reading, rereading, then writing down your notes, you are using multiple modalities of comprehending the information. This will increase your retention and depth of detail of the subject.
• If and only IF your class notes are initially done with a lot of details and clearly written, you may make a copy of them to hand in. But you should re-read them anyway.
• This is a technical writing assignment, more mechanical in it’s construction, than the others. It serves not only as a submitted assignment, but also to aid your study of a class, for midterm exam.
• Add illustrations, sketches, timelines, or other non-text info as you see fit.
• You may simplify, add more content to specific building information like dates or place, or condense or change the notes from the original in any way you choose.
• Please submit A COPY of the work to me, and retain the original or digital copy for your records and to study from!

Note I will ask for another set of notes with the same criteria from one of the classes after Spring Break to before the Final Exam.