Sorry to bring religion into this all of a sudden. But if there was a bible for my future professional life. This would be the Alpha, Omega and everything in between. “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This was written by Luke Sullivan, a veteran to the sport of advertising. I was first introduced to this book in one of my advertising classes during the Spring 2012 semester. Since then, it has been mentioned three different times by different professors. It’s safe to say its reputation speaks for itself.

The best part of this book is its personal touch. There’s life in it. And thank ya lord there is. Because nothing is more boring than a textbook. Which this book, is not. Its filled with insight and personal testimonies. Sullivan openly admits to all his wrong doings! The personal touch makes the reading much more engaging. I honestly model my blog writing after Sullivan’s writing. Another great part about this book is the great choice of examples he gives. Sullivan hand picks great ad’s so he can lead by example. He also throws in some personal work of his such as sketches. By adding sketches, you get a behind the scenes look at stuff, and the creative process.

But of course Sullivan being of age, new age data and advertising isn’t his expertise. One of the lacking parts of this book is the experience in digital and social media advertising. I get it, he’s old school. This digital age is new. He does a great job explaining strategies and angles, but there are some solid books out there that are better suited for the digital age. In my personal opinion, he should create a separate book on digital advertising alongside a digital advertiser specialist.

This is a fantastic book all advertising creatives should have. It has great insight and valuable information. It’s priceless information at a reasonable price!