About Me

Hi, my name is Yan, currently studying commutation design at City Tech.
I’m interested in photography first, so I studied and earned my associate degree, reason got really got me into design major was my Graphic Design Principles I class. I learned to design things by hand, using blades, cutting shapes and lines. It’s interesting to create things with your own hands. I started thinking of the things I can create by myself.
Before choosing this major, I have no idea what I am going to face. I don’t understand any of the software of adobe at that time. Learning new things is a challenge. I think one of the reasons is I didn’t use mac before because I’m a pc person that has no idea how to use a Mac computer. I learned how to use programs like Lightroom, InDesign, and premiere. It’s fun working with premiere making our own films and group work. One of our group mates even submits the group film at the festival.