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Hello there! I’m Wilbert Perez and I’m 18 years old and am of Dominican descent and have been living in the Boroughs ever since I was born. Growing up with my father he had a certain interest in technology and computers that left a spark in my heart as well. Having experience with computers at a very young age I have experimented with many different graphic tools. At 12 I began creating reading online tutorials on Photoshop 7, learning to create forum signatures and using renders with different varied effects. Although I lost some touch with graphics over the years I was recently picked the lead graphic designer in my high school for my Virtual Enterprise class. Now that I’m in college I plan to take my interest to the next level and enter the professional field. After this semester I plan to have a polished and growing portfolio. Maintaining my grades and achieving my highest potential is one of my biggest priorities.

Email address : wilbertrperez@gmail.com

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