The Z Was Zapped

The first thing impact my eyes from this image is the big letter Z. With a big contract from the darkness background. Then follow the thumders, the breaking of the letter catches my eyes. The way how light and dark in contract shows the different destinations of the elements in the image. I really want ti know the whole story.


Response for Reading

Yuko Shimizu uses Google Map to “Located” the locations in her work. By using the Google Map, she can get the locations and draw as references. This helps the view of the illustration more realistic with full details and texture. She uses these reference drawing as the locations background in her work, that makes her work more to the live and unforgettable.

Response to the readings

Reading 1

While I was reading this article, the first image came out of my mind was a wine bottle design named Empire. It gave me a very strong feeling, full of impacts and incredible amazing that caught my eyes at first from a page with different labels. So I completely think that eyes catching always plays an important role when it comes to product design. People might forgot the taste of the beer,the soda, or the wine…but there are always memory left behind the illustration from the design. The illustration tells a theme,a story or even a single word. When the color add into it, it’s not as 1+1=2. I still strongly remember the design of the Empire wine, with black or white background, golden or black dragons only, it’s very unforgettable,and I think this is the power of illustration when it comes to eyes catching design.

Reading  2

I like the design “Freedom to Read.” Jillian Tamaki mentioned two things I founded interested in her process. First, come up with different words and draw out thumbnails even though they might look funny. I think this is a good way to practice creativity and combination of ideas. Second, resources are important. We can fill our idea by looking around the resources. From the design “Freedom to Read,” I can see the influence from children books, both the style and the concept.

Product Illustrations

This is a new series of product names Tea ∏ from  Nongfu Spring Co., Ltd. The design represents the looping energy of fresh.



This is Little Dish design for children food. The first thing that really catch my eyes are those colors and animals. They’re cute and charming, absolutely match the target audiences “Children”. The way that present the animals are very cartoonish, that’s why I think this fits to kids.