Project 4 Proposal

Original story: The Little Match Girl

1. Europe little town/ Black Death Period / puppet , curse setting
The setting of the “The Little Match Girl” is going to be evil side. Instead of human, people in this story are puppets. The little girl is a looping curse that happens every three years, and the curse will look like one of the kids who died from the previous curse. Every time the curse lights a fire, 2-3 kids will die until “she” finishes all boxes of her matches. Meanwhile she lights up a fire, she saw herself in the light; who is the goodness and mercy of her and tries to stop her. When her matches are done, the curse for this year is done too. Then “she” will disappear, and three years later, the curse will be back and looks as a “kid” who dies this year.

2. Western City / Modern day/ Haunted game theme
This setting will be haunted game theme. The little match girl is the one of the people alive in the town. She has to find out who is the other one; however, she has to light up a fire through her limited matches to get hits to find the other survivor. However, the ghosts are very sensitive for lights, so she will be chasing every time she lights up.

After discussion with Prof, I think I will go for the first one.

Society of Illustrators

In the trip of Society of Illustrators, I love about GREG MANCHESS’s work: Above the Timberline.  First of all, the frozen environment was really caught my eyes.  The color and the animals look really “real”.  When you come to a close up look, the color might be a little confuses you; however, I love the way how he use the color as contrast with shadowing and lighting to show the whole subject.

Gregory Manchess was An award-wining painter, and he is an experienced illustrator for almost 40 years on advertising campaigns, magazines, and book covers.  For this book, it’s a novel about a son of a framed polar explorer looking for his missing father in a snow and frozen world.  The whole process was around 16 drafts, hundreds of loose thumbnail sketches and infinity time of researching, writing and daydreaming; for 6 years. It’s more than 120 full-page illustrations, but all go together as one single story. Manchess said, “I was simply interested in a guy and his polar bear companions. I was searching for a visual moment that gave the viewer just enough information to wonder about his character.  A moment to give a viewer something to reflect on.  Maybe a little agitation amongst the bears would give them some character, too. I hadn’t realized that I was building an adventure that eventually went beyond the original painting.”

One thing he mentioned about is really touch my heart, “To find my story, I would sketch each day to figure out what he was doing.  I found his story through the pictures.  It was an endlessly enjoyable process.  It never got burdensome.”  I think that’s why he keep looking for all the researches, doing all those 16 drafts, just to make sure he can get the realistic looking and a “true” story. At the day we met, he encouraged me to keep drawing , I think it’s  a good push for me.