Project 4 Proposals

Hi professor,

I hope you are feeling well and better. I have several proposals I came up with. 2 different concepts and 1 Bonus. I really really like the Alice in Hell one, so I really have my heart set on that. Here are the narratives, and have a good night and feel better too


  1. Story: Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Genre: Horror/ Teen Drama/ Fantasy
  • Setting: In NYC with a twist of future technology mixed with a fantasy such as gadgets, high-tech weaponry, and magic.
  • The story will be about Red Riding hood herself, who is half human and half demon, her name is “Scarlette” And by day she’s a regular student in high school and by night she’s a heroic vigilante that takes down monsters, demons, and other villains terrorizing the NYC Night. Using her high tech demonic scythe and super speed, she takes down the evil that’s in her path.


  1. Story: Alice in Wonderland
  • Setting: In the current time of London England today with a twist of steampunk, and zombies.
  • Genre: Horror/ Mystery/ Fantasy
  • The story will revolve around a teenage version of Alice. Her parents sent her to a boarding school in London England because she’s a rebel and is rocking her half goth/ steampunk look. All of a sudden, her school is corrupted by zombies and demons rising from the depth of Hell. While trying to escape Alice falls into a Hell Hole, and was granted demon powers by a demon mad hatter and her goal is to kill all the zombies and ghouls in her way and must find the evil Zombie queen and chop off her head in order to be freed from hell and for London to return back to the way it was or else London and world will die.



Bonus Round:  Story: Mulan

  • Setting: NYC. Near or in the future for War with Korea
  • Genre: Horror/ Fantasy
  • The story will revolve around Mulan, she and her family Immigrated from China when she was just a baby. During her time in America she hears and see’s the evil terror of Kim Jon Un, because of this it sparks her to fight against evil, She becomes a police officer and a secret spy, later in America needed people to who signed up to join the ARMY, Mulan was going to sign up but her family was highly against it, and they told her if she returns she will be dishonored. She fought against North Korea and won, but when she came home her family dishonored her, then later on she was kidnapped by North Korean soldiers and was tortured and left to die, Mulan was about to die and swore her vengeance upon North Korea and anyone evil in her way, She was granted demon powers by a demon dragon spirit named MUU-SHUU. With her demonic powers, she fights against the evil that stands in her way.


Project 3 Thumbnails Part 2

So over the weekend, I asked my friends, family, and neighbor of what they think about Kim Jong-un. My parents said he was evil, my friends say he’s a monster, and several of my neighbors say he’s just a baby like a clown. So I came up with thumbnails of how Kim impacted North Korea terribly such as no freedom of speech, and no tv. And I came up with thumbnails of who Kim jong really is