Project 4: Proposals

Story: Snow White

Proposal 1:


Setting: A Long time ago

I made Snow white the same beautiful girl she has always been but I made her go crazy. Snow was a average normal nice princess till she meet a evil dwarf. The dwarf tricks snow into killing her parents. Snow ends up opening her eyes to see her dead parents and loses it. She goes crazy and kills the dwarf. The story ends with snow sitting on the throne covered in blood.This story is directed towards a much older audience.

Proposal 2:

Genre:Comedy/ Romance/ Gender Bender

Setting:Modern Day

I made this story where Snow White is a man who is beautiful and is often mistaken as a women and confessed to daily. Snow’s father is a company president. There is a girl who is jealous of Snow. She is jealous because even though Snow is a man everyone still compliments him and is always praising him. She sets out to destroy Snow’s fathers company.


Field Trip: Society of Illustrators

I choose this picture illustrated by Brian Elig. The thing that caught my eye in this Illustration was the amount of detail that the artist put in. The tall grasses and the animals were just so amazingly drawn that I just couldn’t believe it. The time and effort the artist put into this work just amazes me. I love how the animals look they don’t look like any ordinary animals. They almost look like monsters and the fact that the artist chose to draw them this way is probably do to the fact that this woman is trapped on an island with a bunch of wild beast. The women probably sees the animals as beast that she must fight off. I on the other hand would definitively see these animals like beast because they are so big. I love how the artist chose to draw from the women’s point of view.

I also found out that this illustrator created a whole story on this women and how she woke up on this mysterious looking island and how she started to learn how to survive on this island all by herself.