Society of Illustrators The Field Trip

When I got up the stairs, I glanced at the picture on the wall. I wonder why there was a photo here. so, I stop going and looked carefully at this picture.

Benjamin Albert Stahl, “Aloha Means Good-by” Illustration for the story by Robert Carson, post at Jun 9, 1941.

It really look liked very old and yellowing phonographic . Let me marveled at the furniture and character on the value, they have a strong sense of hierarchy, especially that lampshade, its texture in the light of the irradiation had a lot of different changes. The details of all the character and the background were realistic. Such as the protagonist’s hand on the back of the prominent blood vessels, and every little things could be distinguished, like glass, purses, photos and stationery. I believed that the author’s character is very serious.

The use of value to show the reflection and shadow, making the characters more vivid. Let me feel the character was deeply thinking that the owner of the scarf. Although I do not know the story, but the room meticulous description of the characters and clothes, you can determined the characters came from outside.

“Benjamin Albert Stahl (September 7, 1910 – October 19, 1987) was an American artist, illustrator and author. He showed precocious talent, winning a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago at age twelve. His artwork appeared in the International Watercolor Show at the Art Institute when he was sixteen. He later taught at the Art Institute, as well as at the American Academy of Art, the Art Students League of New York, Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute and at various universities”

When he died, the news was on the New York Times, One of his colleagues, the artist Norman Rockwell, once said, ”We are but illustrators, but Ben Stahl is among the masters.”

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