Field Trip: Society of Illustrators

A few things that I like about Orson B. Lowell. 1) he knows how to get your attention. 2) his technique of presenting satire throughout his compositions have been successful. In his illustration, “Drunken Man Speaking to Table” where he demonstrates the drunken state of the man. The legs of the table and chairs are seen a bit wobbly just like the man’s to present how drunk he is. The anomaly of Lowell’s illustrations can really catch your eye.

Another work of Lowell I’d like to talk about is his illustration, “Poor Old Thing! Strange That His Case Has Never Been Correctly Diagnosed.” Despite the long title this is a very powerful cartoon expressing how women have desired a meaningful career throughout the world where man had viewed their choices as pointless and stupid. The woman with the graduation cap and gown is feeding the man (Earth) with pills that may change his views on equality. This is a very deep illustration and again, Lowell has succeeded.

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