We have our club room!

Hello everyone! I’m happy to say that we’ve gotten our club room!

It’s in the Voorhees Building; Room V119. We have the room reserved for both MONDAY and THURSDAY 12:45 to 2:15p.m.

Preferably, we want to start our meetings THIS week Thursday, so try and attend if you can! I know it’s a little last minute but we’ve just received this news this afternoon.

If you don’t know where the Voorhees building is, here’s a little map with some directions. Just send us a DM if you’re still confused.

Here’s a little insight into what the different meeting days will entail. If you guys want a meeting day on Discord, we’ll put together a little schedule form to take a tally at what the best time would be for everyone!

What we are going to be doing Thursdays:

Thursdays will be our ‘main’ meetings, where we cover tutorials and try to teach new concepts to everyone. On these meetings we’ll be introducing our projects and game jams that we’ll be working on.

What we are going to be doing Mondays:

Mondays will be our ‘relax’ days. We’re going to focus more on individual help and just generally lounging around.

If we’re at a point where no one needs help, we’ll be doing tutorials on Mondays as well. Generally, they will be separated from Thursdays though, since we don’t want to repeat any material from people attending both meetings.

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