Update #2!

Wow, there’s a lot of new people! Welcome!

I want to make sure that we know who everyone is, so please fill out the Wizz Wonders membership google form if you plan on participating!

And I also have a coding survey just to take a poll of everyone’s knowledge regarding code. There’s a small web tutorial on the page if you’re not familiar with a lot of the stuff on there.

I’ll be contacting people asking them to fill it out, or join the OpenLab site over the weekend if they haven’t!

I want to do another update (probably the final one) about our status before we start up our meetings!

– We should be getting our room by next week, if not, the week after that. We will update everyone both in the Discord and on OpenLab.

– For our game engine, we’re going to be using the 4.1 version of Godot NOT 3.5.2. Sorry for the confusion regarding that! I initially said 3.5.2 because one of our tutorials was outdated, but I’ve since updated our meeting slides with current syntax and information.

– As said in the Discord, we’re going to be unable to download Godot on the computers on campus, so that leaves us with a couple options:

1. You bring your own laptops to work on.
2. You use the game engine via the web version (I am unsure of how much worse it is)
3. You bring a flash-drive with Godot already installed on it and use it on the computers.

Feel free to do anything that works, but those are the only methods I can think of. The computers will have the adobe suite installed onto them, so feel free to make designs using them if you wish.

– We have a meeting with the Bronx Gaming Network coordinator tomorrow, so I’ll update everyone on what that means for our events in the future.

Thanks everyone! If you need anything, just contact me (Jason), or Behlul (Bruce Wayne). I hope you’re excited because I know I am 😀

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