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AIPAD Photography Show, April 1st, 2017

AIPAD Photography Show at the Pier 94, New York. April 1st, 2017

Yesterday, I went to the AIPAD photography show. It was a huge exhibition. I got the invitation to from the¬†boss,¬†as he knew that I love photography very much. The exhibition was held on the Pier94, in Manhattan. AIPAD stands for The Association of International Photography Art Dealers, and the¬†website is¬† The show has about 150 galleries and a huge collection of photographs. I recognize¬†some historic photosI learned from my History of Photography class a few semesters ago. This is the first time I saw an original copy of¬†“Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, which¬†is a black and white photograph taken by¬†Ansel Adams, late in the afternoon on November¬†1, 1941″ (Wikipedia). The price tag was $28,000 for that black and white silver gelatin print which is not larger than 12×18 inch. The work was incredible, I really respect his skill to take such a photo with 1940s technology.

the AIPAD Show brochure, the show catalog (the black booklet with spot laminated title), the admission ticket.

There were many photographers in the exhibition with their cameras snapping around. I left my heavy DSLR at home but took my “show going camera” which is small and great enough to take records photos. I met a few photographers and talk with them about the photos which we share the same interest.

At one point, I was side by side with¬†a gentleman with a small Fuji XE1 camera, who looks like a real photography lover to me. I have kind of love to small cameras and good knowledge with them. When I introduce myself and ask him how he like about his Fuji XE1, he said, “this little guy did more than half of what the big guy did! (he mean, the Canon 5D mark 3, his main camera). One reason to love the small cameras are not only because they are handy and easy to carry, they also keep the low profile. He explained to me that when people see big DSLRs and professional cameras, they shy away from the camera. So¬†most of the time, photographers miss the nice shots.

Besides, we both read photography reviews from¬† So we got a very nice conversation. This gentleman’s name is Me Jim Tetro, and he is an architectural photographer. He runs his own photography business. I love architecture, I use to take pictures of architectural details. I told him about my hobby and we have a nice talk. He gives me some advise if I need to invest in new camera¬†and lenses since I told him that I was looking for a new camera to replace my old gears.

I looked up his website from his business card when I arrived home. What a great portfolio. I am impressed by his work and I sent him a request on Linkedin, which he responds me in an hour.

Jim Tetro’s architecture photography (from the back of his business card)

For more information, visit

From my work experience, I notice that photography plays an important role in the graphic design and visual communication. I believe photography is a part of my career too. This is why I feel so glad to set up a network with a professional photographer/instructor like Mr. Tetro, who has more than 40 years of experience in his field.