About Me

My name is Win Naing, a Graphic Designer in an advertising and branding agency in Brooklyn. Before joining CityTech, I have been working in the graphic design industry for more than ten years. Before, I learned my design skills mainly through on-job training. But to master a subject, I believe I must have in-depth knowledge, both practical and theoretical. That’s why I decided to earn my BS Degree in Graphic Design.

My fine-art studies and photography guide me into the world of graphic design. I still practice my fine art painting, and it always comes in handy whenever a graphic design business needs some illustration. My other hobbies are art, photography, reading, study of history and anthropology, and traveling. I am a father of two and live with my lovely family in Brooklyn.

UNICEF fundraising brochure

Package design for Manhattan Man’s hygiene kit

Package design for Manhattan Man’s hygiene kit


For more information, you can visit my e-portfolio at winn.myportfolio.com