Apps Review

Adobe Display

This app work as an offline portfolio, so that you don’t need to have wifi to make a presentation. An online portfolio like Behance or Adobe Portfolio is not reliable sometimes, because of the network issues. Adobe Display helps this gap at this point. So I feel this app is very reliable (as far as your phone or tablet has the battery). You need to set up the Adobe Portfolio and or Behance Portfolio at first. This app will take all the data from BehanceĀ and make it static website on theĀ mobile devices. You only need to sync over the wifi after updating the main portfolio website. The apps also give an opportunity to reverse to the previous update under some condition. It is very professional, butĀ you needĀ to haveĀ the Creative Cloud subscription. ($50/month or $30 for student)

My Portfolio on Adobe Display App Ā (on iPhone6)

Illustrator Draw

This app was very similar or upgraded from AdobeIDEA, which Adobe no longer support the former app. It is a part of the Creative Cloud and works very well with Adobe Illustrator on the computer. You can directly open the drawing files created on Adobe Draw in the Adobe Illustrator. All files produced by illustrator draw are, of course, vector graphic and no limit in sizing issue. I find very hard to use it on the largest iPhone though, it works very well on iPad. I use it with Wacom Pen on iPad. But it will be even better with Apple Pencil (which is a pressure sensitive pen and will pick up the thin or thick strokes)

In my package design project called Mandalay Neem, the pictureĀ below, I use this app forĀ illustrations, (which is the two elephants and leaves. Later, I do my final editing and the packaging design parts in Adobe Illustrator.

illustration part in this package design was made with Adobe Illustrator Draw.

This is another example of my own work, a black and white portrait of a fashion blogger, drawn on the iPad using an older version of the illustrator draw. 2015. Initially, it was a vector graphic file which I can edit my final touches in AdobeIllustrator (on the Mac).

This portrait was drawn on an iPad using the app. 2015. Win Naing.

This app is very usefulĀ to meĀ because IĀ can use theĀ iPad as a cheap substitute of a Wacom Cintique.