Internship Journal #3

A friend of mine referred me a small business owner who is starting up a custom tailor business. The business owner needs a graphic design intern to join them do some work.

The interview was set at a Starbucks in Flushing, Queens. We talked about my background and abilities. My job for this intern is helping this client to re-brand her company, set up a website includes products gallery and online shopping and promoting the brand.

Because she is also starting up her business recently, I think this would be a great opportunity to use my skills which learn from school to do this job. During our talk, I planned up the working plan for her.

First, starting with the logo and other branding materials. Then, building up the website includes images editing on (because she told me she already has purchased a Wix server). Finally, promoting this website using Google SEO, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

At the end of the conversation, we talked about the timeline of this project. Because this client doesn’t have a working space offer to me, I choose to work remotely and meet up with her once a week.

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