Ethics Entry #2 Past Experience of Source Crediting and Fairey’s Case

At the beginning of my academic year, instructors didn’t mention the source credits. For images or photo need to use in our assignment, I just grab them from Google. Try to use fonts already exist in school computers or download fonts from the web.

As the projects are getting more and more like the real-world project in the later years. Instructors begin to mention about to credit the source of images or other materials we are using. I start reading the description every time I am going to download a photo or font. Most of them will give you instructions of citation form on how to credit their works. I just follow their form and make the text a small font under the image I am using in my project or adding a page to put all the citation in final pdf files.

To be honest, I was been shocked after reading the story about Mr.Fairey’s case.  I never thought about just edited a photograph could getting this big trouble and could go to prison for it. This tells us how important to follow the game rule no matter what area you are in. As a designer, we are not a machine that put images and types together to create an ad or poster. We also have to respect other designers and their works. In the other hand, be aware to stay out of troubles, know how to protect yourself.


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