Intern #5

March 11th,

After evaluating the existing website from my client and researches from others, I collected some issues need to fix.

Home page of the existing website


  • The whole page layout is boring, needs a more exciting layout.
  • The overall color theme is too dark, color contrast isn’t very strong.
  • The branding needs to work on it.
  • Navigation and the website’s workflow needs to fix.

Research from other custom made dresses website:

  • Use a clean bright background
  • Clear color contrast
  • Uses not only san-serif fonts but also serif fonts to fit the classic and fashion topic.
  • A clear “call of action”
  • A well-formatted grid system.

Example #1 Lunss Custom Made Dresses OnlineExample #1 Lunss Custom Made Dresses Online

Example #2 Anomalie Custom Online Wedding Dress



  • Planning a site map and user flow
  • Changing the layout
  • Change the color theme
  • Fix the typography

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