3/6/15: Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Chapter One Hardware:

  • Parts
  • Mother board
  • Assembly
  • Power On

Chapter Two Installations:

  • The Operating System For You
  • Boot Order
  • Formatting & Installation
  • Boot Up

Chapter Three Drivers, Updates and Stress Testing, oh my:

  • Drivers
  • Updates
  • Stress Testing
  • And Done!

 Final Thoughts.


Edited 3/6/15: Updated chapter numbers in download document.

2 Responses to 3/6/15: Table of Contents

  1. Added chapter numbers as requested.

  2. Great job William, I’d also like to see page numbers along with each chapter (and sub group) so that we can get an idea of how long each chapter will be and how long the book will be.

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