2/27/15: Chapter Headings


Chapter One Hardware:

In this chapter I will cover each of the components you will find in a computer with a special emphasis on the mother board. It’s important to know each component, what they do and how they fit together. Then how to physically assemble all the parts into a working whole, ending with the first power up.

Chapter Two Installations:

Here I cover the different types of operating systems, OS, which one is right for you, for example while a good OS windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. As well as how to install them. Starting with the proper boot order to detect the device you are installing from weather it be DvD or USB. Formatting the drive you want to install the OS to and the installation its self. Also some recommendations for how to kill time during this part, I recommend a book.

Chapter Three Drivers, Updates and Stress Testing, oh my:

Still got that book from chapter two, you’re going to need it because this chapter is mostly sitting at a screen waiting for a progress bar to fill up. In it I explain what drivers are why they are important where to find them and how to install them. I’ll talk about keeping your computer safe and up-to-date. Finally you will get to use your computer and enjoy it.


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  1. Excellent Job William! I think this will be a very interesting book.

    One other thing Id like to see is a general introduction to the topic why it is important to you and significant in your field.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Click on ‘Chapters’ to download the .doc

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