How I Use Facebook

Facebook started out as any other social media website where one can share thoughts, pictures, and videos among friends now it’s a site where you can make friends from all over the world and share your personal information.  There are over 1 billion Facebook users around the world.  With that many why not be friends with everyone and learn about other places in the world such as food, culture, destination, music, and see what’s going on in another part of the world.  All I have to do is friend request someone from another country and once they accept me as their friend I will have access to their information such as their life style.

How I use Facebook?

I use Facebook to share my pictures, videos, ideas, and anything I find interesting in the world. With friends and families around the world.  My Facebook profile is restricted limited to friends and family.  I screen through anyone who friends me on Facebook for privacy reason.  I do not post something on Facebook that can be used against me later in life personally or professionally (not that I have crazy thoughts).  Most of my contents on Facebook is rated PG.  I share my pictures and videos with families who are not able to see me often or come over to an event I might host.  I am able to see my friends and families pictures are to how they are growing, and what they are up to in their daily life.  When a baby is born in my circle of Facebook users I am able to see pictures right away once they are posted.

I mostly use Facebook has a means of communication with others whom I am not able to see often due to scheduling problems or distance.  I also share places I have visited such as restaurants, parks, museums and offer my reviews so my Facebook circles can go visit if it interest them.


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