Federal Reserve Video

Here is a short dialogue that we could possibly use

Opening Scene – Guy Checking mail

He sees credit card bill and ignores it – Thinks to himself “I’ll take care of it tomorrow”

At the restaurant (finished eating)

Guy – Hands waiter the bill

Waiter – “Thank you sir. I will be back shortly”

Girl – “Thanks for taking me out tonight”

Guy – “No Problem, did you enjoy your meal?”

Girl – “Yes, I have never been to a restaurant this nice before”

Guy – “Only the best for you”

Waiter – “Sir your card has been rejected”

Guy – nervous laugh “Try this one”

Waiter – “Sorry sir this one has been rejected as well”

Guy – speaking to girl “I may have forgot to pay my bills”

Girl – “I think I’ll take care of this one” Hands waiter her card

Girl – “You really need to keep track of your bills, your building up bad credit that will only hurt you in the long run.” “Buy only the things you need, you did not have to take me to such an expensive restaurant if you know you couldn’t afford it.

Guy – “I know. I am so sorry, this is very embarrassing. I think we are going to have to pass on the movies tonight.”

Waiter – “Thank you miss, please sign here”

Ends with screen saying Credit Cards are for what you want not what you need

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  1. ryoya terao says:

    Thanks, Randi. I somehow didn’t receive any e-mail notification about the script that you wrote on November 11th. I just read it. Thanks.

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