Tech 10/1 Notes

  • Erica gave us a PP demo of Steadicam
  • PP demo of lighting techniques from famous Dutch painters
  • Practice with Panasonic P2
  • Confirmed with Sil (Scenery Crew) taping of genie at 2:00pm on Thursday 10/3. I will be available. He suggested we set it up before 2:00, I know how to set it up.
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2 Responses to Tech 10/1 Notes

  1. Ryoya Terao says:

    Thank you, Randi for the summary! It is good to record what we did in each lesson!

    After Erica’s PowerPoint lecture, there were two other PowerPoint slide shows: One was about composition and the other one was on lighting.

    Thank you for the confirmation concerning the 2 pm videotaping at the Voorhees Theater with the scenery crew. I just need one student to assist me. Everyone else should be at the theater by 2:30 pm.

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