Tech Notes – 10/11/13

Here is what has been done for the week

  • more shots taken of the haunted hotel
  • indepth review of Panasonic video cameras
  • meet with rep from Federal Reserve about video contest


NEXT TUESDAY FOLLOWS A MONDAY SCHEDULE – got to your Monday classes on Tuesday

Next Thursday management asked if we would be able to take photos of the actors during their rehearsals at 1:00pm. If anyone is available let me know. They said we don’t have to do it, but have given us the opportunity. Of course, you will get extra hours for doing this

Enjoy the long weekend,




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One Response to Tech Notes – 10/11/13

  1. Ryoya Terao says:

    Thank you, Randi for the excellent report! If the crew wishes, you all can take turns (with planning) to make a weekly report like this. You get Tech hours for the activity. It is important to review what we have done.

    On Thursday the 17th, I booked the studio from 7 pm to 9 pm for the “Richard III” production. Christian and Jose are required to be there (Jose, you need to still contact Prof. Swift. Don’t wait any longer.) The rest of the crew is to welcome to join us. Again, you get Tech hours for this, too. We will be examining a scene to film with a green screen then.

    Earlier in the day, Randi mentioned the rehearsal of the HH actors at 1 pm, but I have a couple of appointments on campus, and so, the arrangement of you getting the cameras is not simple. Is any of your is eager to do the photographing, please let me know. We need to find a good time/place to meet.

    Call Time/Place
    It is the day of the first test run (designer’s run?) of HH. So, we will meet at the Voorhees Theater first at 2:30 pm. I’m hoping to then go to the studio to practice with the Panasonic camera and to experiment lighting.

    Thank you,

    For the crew call, as it is the day of the Designer’s Run of HH, we all may need to be at Voorhees.

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